Hong Kong Road Research Laboratory (HKRRL) was founded by Professor Alan W.G. Wong with the supports from the Hong Kong Government and the local highway industry specializing in pavement engineering and road/airfield material sciences in Year 2002 . The Laboratory is equipped with latest facilities and equipment for high-level research and consultancy on highway technology and pavement materials.

Since 2002,  HKRRL has been serving the government and highway industry on training of their engineers/technical staffs, performing projects for developing new pavement materials, establishing specifications for pavement works, developing new mix design, evaluating highway water-proofing systems and studying on the use of recycled waste for road paving, such as the use of milled material, used rubber tyres, recycled aggregate and other domestic plastic waste, etc.

In 2018, HKRRL was relocated to Tuen Mun near the MTR station. In order to widen the scope of services and provide better support to the industry, HKRRL collaborates with Highways Technology Co., Ltd. (HTL), an international company devoted on the development and innovation of highway technology. HTL will support HKRRL on the business management and contractual matters.

Currently, HKRRL is also working closely with univeristies/research centres in both Hong Kong and Mainland to further promote the highway research and the training of young professionals in pavement engineering.

HKRRL has now become a strong platform allowing both highway experts and academics jointly working together for the advancement of pavement technology in Hong Kong.









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